mardi 10 avril 2012

Street-art is a modern form of expression which has roots in the beginning of
the 60's, developing in many ways over the past fifty years to finally
impose itself as a proper art in society nowadays. Many artists have contributed to the growth of
urban art and its democratization, including Banksy and Shepard Farey who
have both used this style of art to convey a current of thought which is idealistic and visionary.

More than a simple testimony to Russian contemporary art, this project functions as a medium
for us to show, through photo and video, the importance of this media and
the strength of its "voice" as an image as well as the mirror of a new generation. In
parallel with the presidential election of March 4th 2012 and the current
politic climate in the Russia, it will be interesting to focus our documentary
in a dynamic debate, leaving the expression to talented and engaged artists who use
their graffiti to communicate their own ideological and moral values.

We are now in contact with almost twenty artists, ready to participate in our
audiovisual project through allowing us to discover their world, transmit their
art, and also exclusively show us new pieces and works throughout this story.
We expect to broadcast the documentary, organize screenings and produce a DVD.

The documentary will be built as follows :

- Initially we will organize meetings with emerging Russian street artists
in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Yekaterinburg respectively. An interview and
the creation of a work is planned for each artist.

- Following this, we will cover the entire festival Stenograffia. This takes place in the month
of July in Yekaterinburg, where we will find many artists followed and crossed
in the early part of our story. This festival, exclusively centered around urban art,
invites many European artists and gives them the oppurtunity to express themselves around a
single theme. Stenograffia is becoming increasingly important on the global urban
landscape and can be a good subject for closing our report, providing an overlap of Russian
street art in parallel with the prospect of filming other international artists
during the festival, thus forming another degree of openness and a new dynamic.

Each member of our crew has had their own individual experience in the audiovisual field and is familiar
with the world of street art, allowing for a clear and open view on the subject. 





Stepan Krasnov, a.k.a 310, is an artist who started graffiti in the early 2000s.
Over the years his style has evolved into a neo pop-art movement.

This pop art series was created between 2005 and 2011. It follows the classic
pop art of Roy Lichtenstein, based on the comics of the 60s. Most of the work
has been done illegally in various conditions and improvisation is the fundamental
principle of this series.


Vasily Grino is an artist within an extravagant universe; he is able to paint on any
surface his colorful characters.
Moscow-based, Grino defines his work as everything and nothing all at once,
"A flow of energy which passes through me and which I let come to the surface."
In this way he expresses his thoughts, feelings and emotions.


Mednoy is an artist who started graffiti in 1998. His passion, modern graphic art;
his muse, graffiti. This artist has a strong presence on the Russian street art scene,
having participated in numerous exhibitions.


Kostantin Sindik is a moscow based artist from the "United Styles"
crew (Sindik, Browone, Mark Beard). Graffiti has been a passion for him since
the year 1998. He likes to paint on surfaces as original and unusual
as female bodies and cars.


The Vitae Viazi is a crew consisting of four artists. Founded by
Kavinsky and Senya in 2008, the crew expanded with Masha very_mary_land joining
in 2009 and then Lesha Atomsky in 2011. They are animated by a noble idea:
to give Russian street art a distinctive tint by using Slavic cultural references.
"Vitae" means "life" in Latin and "viazi" symbolizes the connection between people
in Slavic language.

Working in a colorful palette Alexey is able to fuse organic shapes with geometrical compositions seamlessly.
The solid fields of color are broken down into abstract forms yet they still remain recognizable. A nice mix of style and mediums going on here.
His design work is very appealing as well with crisp and clean curs similar to the direction of ‘Hard Edge’ painting with a focus on solid color plays.
Alexey is able to transition very well from design to canvas to a vertical surface which seems natural but it is harder than it looks and he makes it look easy.
A nice contrast to the design work.




LST began at a young age, drawing monsters and movie characters. He prefers not to
be associated with a style and reminds us that his lettering and characters are
constantly changing. He does not like stereotypes and considers his art as unique.
LST is not interested in the illegal aspect of street-art, as he likes to take his time whilst
painting and prefers to work undisturbed.

ROOF 169

Roof169 began graffiti in 2000 as a hobby; today it's a lifestyle.
He paints while constantly trying out new techniques which he develops and improves.
The evolution of his style is an important thing for Roof169.
He believes that the artist should not be associated with any style, instead must always
find the original and renewal in each of his creations.
He uses fonts in 3D most of the time and tries to paint wall with real stories.


Once interested by wall drawings as an alternative to traditional design,
Sy, as a young teen entered the world of "street art". Raised in "old school" graffiti,
the hardest task for Sy was to find his own style, one that differentiated it from
classic graffiti. He chose to face this task by following an engineering school, where
austerity, clarity and coherence inherited from engineering drawings have left their mark on his style.
Accuracy and high quality graphics of his works have become his trademark.
Sy is not afraid to experiment, and the drawing process is understood
by the young artist to be a unpredictable game because for continued development
of his style, he has trouble keeping its originality and is very intrigued by the
outcome of this match. Currently Sy spends most of his time working on his paintings.


Wais is from a small town 45km from St Petersburg and started graffiti in 2000.
This artist likes to experiment; textures and forms of his lettering are constantly
changing. From the beginning, Wais has been passionate about 3D, and the way in which he treats
it gives him his originality as an artist.



Alex Milky began painting in 2006 by adding his name and the name of his
crew on the walls. By painting for the first time in 2008 a
photo-realistic work, he will move away from traditional graffiti
to create a personal style which is closer to the abstract.


Slava PTRK is a young artist full of talent. His works lean more in line with Banksy
stencils from the use of any kind. The policy implication does not scare him
and this is reflected in many of his works.


At 23, Tima Radya is a key figure of Russian street art.
His universe is limitless and his works breathe innovation.
Through painting Molotov cocktails or by disguising a bridge in a
giant dominoes game, he has created his own style, fresh and punchy.




Nicolas Delpeyrou and Vasco Lopez met in 2009 in their audiovisual studies.
They are both passionate about audiovisual and have traveled to many different
countries, including Canada, Australia, the United States and South America.
While Nicolas develops a natural acuity for editing and imaging techniques and perfects
his art with many videos and short films, Vasco feeds his job
with the surrounding environment, colors and landscape, specialising
photography and video capture. In 2009, they created,
a company based on a dynamic 2.0, a vision of two young contemporary directors.


Mathieu, 22 years old, is a young man who fell in love with image and
photography while he was doing a university travel in the United States.
Bilingual, holds a BA in English literature and foreign culture, and is now
studying in Icart photography school in Paris. Interested in the big story, he has
done several stories in photo-documentary at the Reunion island.
Working for several months in a large cinema and photography studio in Paris,
he witnessed the evolution of contemporary photography, and draws on the
work of many great photographers with whom he has been able to work to feed his eyes.
His work is strongly influenced by the portraits and urban space.
This draft report on urban art in Russia is totally in his artistic approach.